Mar. 29th, 2012

edellin: (Kero Love)
I watched the past couple of weeks two new Tv Series: Once Upon A Time and Switched at Birth and I must say that I am in love with both of them.

Once Upon a Time is absolutely amazing. It's exactly what I'd love to watch! It's about all classic fairytales we know being sent to the real world without their happy endings by the evil Queen from Snow white. And it is so awesome that they are all connected and so much more darker than what disney presents them to be. Anyone that likes fantasy I think would enjoy that show.

My favourite characters so far are Rumplestiltskin and a non-fairytale character, Henry (who in truth though is Snow white's grandson).

Switched at Birth is about two girls that were switched at Birth because of a hospital mistake and after sixteen years they find out about the switch. It is really cool because one girl lost her hearing at the age of three and this gives a whole new outlook on the story. It is really interesting and I have even learnt a couple of words in sign language XD Educational Tv...

About fandom works... I am struggling to finish as quickly as possible before the 1st of April my Princess Tutu story for the magical Girl exchange and then I'll focus on my Tobirama/Sakura big bang entry and the Harry Potter rarewomen reques and finish Killaurey's request from the Give me some sugar chat. And then I'll have the finish-a-thon to focus on... so I won't get bored XD Plus I have the "duty" to do a rec post at the [community profile] natsumeyuujinchou community once I read and see the fics and artworks from the Book of Friends

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