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-Title: To Write Love On Her Arms
-Rating: M
-Summary:Vampires search for their other half, the other soul that exists — or will exist in the future — to make them whole. To give them a feeling of being alive. For Kakashi, his half was Sakura and he would do anything to have her back. AU story
-Warnings: Violence

Disclaimer: I do not own Naruto, the series rightfully belongs to Masashi Kishimoto.


Hello everyone! Sorry for taking so long... This chapter is not beta-read so I apologize for any mistakes it might have. My beta has many responsibilities these days and can't continue beta-reading it... so I'm gonna have to ask someone else to help. Once I find someone interested to do it, I'll make sure this chapter is edited but because I didn't want to take even more time to upload, I decided to upload it un-betaed. I hope it won't be TOO bad.

Disclaimer: I own nothing but the idea of the plot. Also the Rod of Law or the Rod of the seven parts is taken from a Forgotten Realms book but only the name... not how it's gonna be used at the story because I simply haven't read the book and I just found the name by accident. XD

Rin was again at that place, a space between spaces, where dreams unfolded and took flesh and substance. Anything could happen here and the wildest dreams, the craziest fantasies had a chance to appear real and achievable here.

Just for a fleeting moment in time, a fraction of a second that felt like hours, everything was possible. Everything could be forgotten, excused and forgiven.

The female vampire stood and looked around; the place didn't have colors but it was neither colorless at the same time. It just was and her mind couldn't understand it, didn't have to focus on such unimportant details. She took some steps and looked around while making a circle around herself.

Nothing. There was nothing here for her...

...and yet she had come to this world for a reason, inside this void of time, space and substance there was something for her to see, to notice.

Or that exact void was the reason she was here and she just had to understand what it signified. As she looked once again around, her eyes caught a slight glimpse of pink. Her eyes hurried to find it again.

The girl, the Mrs Hatake, who had appeared in her last night's dream, was present again. Kakashi seemed to be nowhere in sight. Rin stared at the younger female with the exotic features and examined her. She was standing with her hands on her hips and looked at Rin.

She felt her body react at the look she was receiving from the pink haired female. Her eyes were screaming at her an incoherent message, a message that she couldn't express with words for some reason. The vampire girl, the pink haired girl was begging in despair for her to do something.

To save him, Kakashi, from a danger he was close to, but probably didn't understand it, didn't know of it.

Or he did know of it but for some reason he chose not to concern himself with it.

Rin closed her eyes tiredly and looked at the girl again, adopting too an expression close to despair.

Why? Why must she be the one to save him? Why did the girl appear in her sleep? Couldn't she be left alone and mourn her losses?

"I don't know what you expect me to be able to do to save him but I must warn you Mrs Hatake" she told loudly at the girl. "He won't listen. He never listened to me."

Mrs Hatake started walking at her and she froze and stayed silent for a moment but after a second she continued what she wanted to say, hoping that perhaps this would end and the pink-haired girl wouldn't appear again in her sleep, wouldn't force her mind to think of the silver-haired vampire and their prior history.

"If he ever listened to me, you wouldn't have met him, Mrs Hatake." she told the girl and her eyes softened as she said that. "He would be dead by the time you had been born. I would be dead too."

If he had ever listened to her, they wouldn't have been forced to live as undead creatures, as vampires.

That had always been the one thing she'd never forgive him for; the loss of her humanity along with his. It was again her fault too; she had obediently, stupidly followed him to the depths of hell, because she was in love with him and she couldn't even think of letting him go alone. She couldn't let him be alone because she was the only one that knew how afraid he was of solitude and she wanted to be his salvation, his medicine for that pain.

But she wasn't enough. If she had been, he wouldn't have dismissed her like that and he would have returned to the village instead of going inside that cave.

"Don't torture me, girl." she told the dead vampire. "I have been in enough pain and danger for Kakashi... why must I be the one to follow him again wherever he goes?" she started marching towards the girl but soon her pacing stopped and she felt tears roll down her face. "He chose you, not me." she let the tears fall and noticed that the girl's expression had changed and was now a look of sorrow and pain and perhaps even guilt. "Why must I be in pain for him again?"


Rin woke up and started sobbing violently, unable to calm herself and relax. She lay down and his her face in her pillow and continued to cry silently, breathing hard and painfully. She started hitting the pillow with her hands in despair and after some moment of all that emotional outburst, she started calming down.

She got up again and ran to the kitchen, opened the refrigerator and took out the same bottle she had drank from the previous night. This time though she didn't just take a sip of it but brought it to her mouth and drank half of it. She continued crying as she did that.

She finally put the bottle inside and paced towards her bedroom, where she — like the previous night — opened her drawer and took out two photos. This time though she looked just at the one with her and the two males. She felt tears gather at her eyes again and she caressed the black haired male with her fingers. Then she caressed the silver haired man and felt more tears ran down her face.

She missed them, both of them. For different reason each, but she missed them both. Obito was the love of her life, the man that had been there for her and the one who helped her accept her new nature — one that he was born with — and she had come to understand how all other men faded when he was near for her.

Even Kakashi, even he faded after she realized how important and necessary Obito was to her. It wasn't that she didn't love Kakashi anymore, she did, always would perhaps, but that the silver-haired male couldn't offer her what she needed. It was true that she wasn't crazy in love with Obito — like she had been with Kakashi as a young woman — but she was in love with him deeply.

She loved Obito like Kakashi had started to love her while he was human, by appreciating the time they spent together and everything each one offered.

To Rin, what she and Kakashi had would never be enough to make her happy in the long-run and what she offered to him would never be able to make him happy — truly happy — either. They were very different; she wanted steadiness and serenity while he wanted adventures and danger.

It was fitting for him to love and be with someone like that girl.

Something was happening and Kakashi was involved. Somehow the dead vampire knew of her relationship with him — probably the dead knew of everything that had happened and was happening to their loved ones because she was sure that Kakashi wouldn't have mentioned her — and she had the strange idea that Rin would be able to save him from whatever mess he had gotten himself into.

If the rumors were correct, then Kakashi had turned wild and was living in the mountains. It was said that he had gone crazy after the pink-haired was killed — something that to Rin was proof of how passionately and wildly he had loved that girl — and had kept himself separated from the rest of the world, forcing himself to live in the hell he had tried to avoid since his father's tragic end.

It was probably the guilt that drove him to punish himself that way, because he couldn't protect her as he believed it was his duty too, as he desired. And he felt that he had to suffer for his incompetence.

She left the photo down and lay on her bed looking at the ceiling.

She didn't want to get involved and yet she was afraid she would. The girl would press her, thinking that because Rin had been part of Kakashi's life so long ago and they had been together during some of the most important and painful events in the male's life, he would somehow allow her to come back into his life and help him save himself.

But she was wrong, the girl was wrong about how much Kakashi valued her in his life. She doubted his willingness to let her into his life, her willingness to involve herself, the chances she had to get out of the mess, after she got involved, unharmed both physically and emotionally and lastly her ability to help him, convince him that she was able to save him.

And yet the idea that she would turn a blind eye to Kakashi was also disturbing and — if he really was in danger with no one to help him — she would go to him eventually. Or she would have to live the rest of her life knowing that she had let him die, without even trying to save him, like it had happened with Obito.

Only this time, she'd leave Kakashi to die out of fear, not to make sure her other friend was alive. She couldn't justify herself like she did then, saying to herself that Obito was a lost cause and if she hadn't hurried with the transplantation, both she and Kakashi would have died too.

She rolled on her left and closed her eyes again in an attempt to sleep again, hoping she'd be able to sleep without being interrupted by the dead green-eyed vampire-girl.

Everything was a farce to draw him out of his cave and its safety, to trap him, to force him to join because if he didn't join their group, then he would be killed on the spot. Would he be able to bring Sakura back? Was this a possibility? If there was even the slightest chance for that to happen, the he would join them. But if not, then there was no reason for him to involve himself and he would fight his way out of this place, even if he was killed in the process. He would be with Sakura if that happened, without killing himself like he had promised her once he wouldn't do if something ever happened to her. So many decades later he kept that promise and lived with misery... but if he was killed here, then Sakura wouldn't be mad at him.


Kakashi looked at the orange-haired man, concealing his emotions and attempting to appear comfortable and stress-less despite how disadvantageous to him was the situation. "I didn't come here to help you." he said and looked around to the rest of the Akatsuki members. "I came here to be convinced that IF I help you, I will gain something that cannot be gained in any other way."

The orange-haired man kept his emotionless expression and kept staring at Kakashi, making him feel even more in danger under that hawk-like gaze the man was directing at him. "Do you think that you can find another place with people more daring than us?" Kakashi raised his eyebrows at that comment. "What you want to attempt, we both know it requires more than courage."

Kakashi narrowed his one, uncovered eye and wet slightly his lips beneath his mask. "I will not involve myslef with any plan of yours, if you don't give at least one reason to believe that this mad desire I have has a possibility to happen. I don't care how small it'd be... as long as it is not impossible, I want to try it."

The man opened his mouth to speak but the silver-haired vampire spoke again. "I am not fool and I know when someone lies to me." He looked at the vampires gathered around him once more, acknowledging the danger he was in. "I want proof." he stated to the man.

The orange-haired vampire's eyes shone in anger but soon he reclaimed control over his facial expression and adopted once more his emotionless mask. "Even for that, you must be tested first." he told the man. "If you are not strong enough to pass the first challenge, if you do not possess the abilities to make you a useful asset in the organization, then there is no need for you to be informed of what we can and can't do."

"What would the challenge be?" Kakashi questioned the male.

The vampire shook his head and looked at Kakashi. "You are impatient." he said in a low tone. "That's a bad sign already" he added after a moment. The silver-haired vampire didn't react to the comment, just kept staring at the leader of the organization. "The whole procedure to test your abilities is divided in three parts. For you to have some answers, it is essential to pass the first part; obtain a certain artifact from a certain place. This test will show us how good you are at gathering information, putting them all together and coming to the right conclusion along with how easy it is for you to think and execute plans according to the information you've gathered."

"What artifact am I supposed to find?" the silver-haired vampire queried.

"Something that needs a lot of searching." the man cryptically informed the other male. Everyone stayed silent for a moment and Kakashi was sure his heart would beat like crazy, if he was human. He felt so nervous suddenly that he wanted to draw a breath desperately, just to make him think for a fraction of a second something else but this silence, the words that were going to come out of the orange-haired vampire's mouth. "The Rod of Seven Parts, formerly known as the Rod of Law."

Kakashi blinked at the man. Had he heard correctly? The man wanted him to find what? It was crazy... how could he find an item that existed within tales? According to the reading he had done while he was a kid the rod of Seven parts was a magical weapon that naiads in a lake hidden in a forest had and protected until the chosen one who would be able to use it to establish the greater laws would appear. Actually it was a tale that the kids of this era didn't know. It had died even as a tale... so how could he find it in reality?

"What?" he finally gasped at the other man with an incredulous look.

"Find the Rod of Seven Parts. That is your first quest." he repeated with a calm look, like he had asked Kakashi to find something so simple as a bottle of water.

The silver-haired remained silent and looked around at the men gathered, hoping to see in their eyes or expressions that what the man was asking was not existing.

Unfortunately, he found none; Everyone was calm and serious and expected to hear his comply to the quest.

Kakashi looked again at the orange-haired man and then his eyes fell on the female behind him. She also had an emotionless mask that his very well her feelings but Kakashi thought that just for a slight bit, a hint of worry and incredulity passed in his eyes. It was gone before anyone could see but for a reason the silver-haired man was sure he saw that look — the proof that she was the only logical being in that group perhaps.

"How can I find something that does not exist?" he finally asked the man without taking his eyes away from the blue-haired female. The man seemed very uncomfortable and Kakashi was sure that he was the cause of it; they were a couple and the orange-haired male disliked other men paying attention to his female partner. The leader looked back for a moment and the woman lowered her head, to avoid both man's gazes.

The Akatsuki member turned his attention back to Kakashi and stared at him. "Have you searched for it, to say it does not exist?" he asked the silver-haired vampire.

Kakashi shook his head slowly, not liking how this conversation was going.

"Then you don't know it doesn't exist." the man answered and took a step closer to Kakashi who resisted the urge to go one step behind to maintain the distance between him and the orange-haired man. He stayed in his position and came face-to-face with the Akatsuki member. "If you really want what you claim you want, then you are willing to make things that appear impossible, possible." he said in a low tone to the older-looking vampire. He went a step back and looked around at the other members of the organization. "Everyone here passed a task like yours" He turned his attention back to the man. "I am sure you will be able to find something too, what do you think?"

Kakashi nodded, hesitating a little and looking at the vampires gathered around him and the orange-haired vampire. He turned to look again at the blue-haired woman but the female still had her head tuned down.

If he was going to get involved here, it would be really beneficial to get to know the woman better.

"Is there a time limit?" he asked and slowly his eyes drifted from the woman to the orange-haired man.

The man nodded silently. "Two months."

"Two months." Kakashi repeated and paused for a second. "I'll come here with the results?" he questioned.

"Zetsu will appear to you." the Akatsuki said to the man.

Zetsu. The weird man that looked and felt like a plant.

So, even If I fail and do not have results, I will not say anything about it. About what happened here today.

The members one by one vanished into thin air and Kakashi was suddenly alone in the room. He started walking away when he suddenly felt a presence behind him. He turned to look back and found Zetsu looking at him.

Kakashi raised his eyebrow questionably to the man and waited for him to state his reason of following him. The man didn't say anything and just examined the silver-haired vampire, who grew annoyed by the strange man's silence.

"Was there something you wanted?" he asked the man after a moment, wanting to find a place to rest and think what he'd do.

How he was going to search (and probably fail) for this this quest.

Zetsu shook his head slightly and looked at Kakashi's one exposed eye. "Just to remind you that I can find you wherever you are." White Zetsu stated.

"So don't try to run or inform anyone else." Black Zetsu added as a warning.

Kakashi nodded and waited for the man to disappear inside the ground like the previous times they met but instead he stayed there and kept staring at the silver haired man, making him feel uncomfortable.

The man slowly started to sink into the ground and smirked at Kakashi in a cryptically. "We are watching you Kakashi." White and Black Zetsu said simultaneously.

"Inability to complete your task can be understood" White Zetsu said and only the man's head was visible above the ground.

"But inability to keep your mouth closed is another matter." Black Zetsu finished and the man was totally lost in the ground.

Kakashi kept staring at the place the man had vanished. Frustrated and uncomfortable, he took a big breath to calm down. Hi lungs had not been filled with anything for centuries but they welcomed desperately the air within them, a long forgotten memory that they once had worked normally.

Kakashi kept looking at the place and slowly started walking backwards, trying to find a place to stay while the sun was reigning the sky.

He had to think and decide what he was going to do.

She was again here, in this space she went to while she slept and this time she didn't wonder why or how she came to be in this realm of dreams. It was the vampire girl, the dead vampire girl that so desperately wanted to make her lose her calm and uneventful. She turned around trying to locate the girl.

Only that her eyes instead of landing on a female face with pink hair and green eyes, landed on a male. He had dark hair, a crooked smile that made her heart beat with joy and love for she had been the reason that smile existed during their short time together. Suddenly memories flew to her and she saw briefly in her mind that man in various situations.

Obito. Her Obito.

She went closer to him, ran as fast as she could to come close to him and at least in this dream, she would be with him once again. Suddenly though she crashed into something that stopped her from moving further, closer to him. She looked around but saw nothing. She tried to pass again but she couldn't. She hesitantly raised her hand and pressed it against that invisible barrier. She looked up with tears in her eyes and looked at Obito who was slowly walking towards her. She smiled bitterly at him and waited for him to come to her. When he reached her, he raised his hands and placed it against hers, only that she couldn't feel it because of that barrier between them. She pressed stronger against it in a futile attempt to join him somehow.

The vampire man smiled and shook his head. He brought his forehead against the barrier and she slowly did the same. When she looked up at him, the sight of his face horrified her.

He had only one eye. And from the hole of the other one, blood was running down. She cried as she watched him move away.

Then next to him the dead girl appeared and held his arm. Rin felt a sting of jealousy deep inside her and couldn't help but want to push that woman away from her Obito. It didn't help that she was the same female that had taken her human love's heart and was torturing her in her sleep, silently begging her to save Kakashi.

But what hurt the most was that she couldn't touch Obito because she was still alive, while he was dead. Obito patted Sakura's shoulder and pulled his hand away. Rin smiled at that.

The girl walked closer to her and had once again that begging expression on her face. And soon Obito stared at her too with the same request in his eyes.

Her Obito that had died to protect Kakashi, had given him his one eye before he died, was asking her to save him.

"Why?" she asked and cried looking at her lover. "He hurt you, because of him you are with her instead of me." she told him and pressed her hands desperately against the barrier. "He hurt me, Obito." she sobbed at the man.

Obito looked behind and motioned for the female to leave. Sakura started fading still looking sadly at the brunette. The dark haired man started walking towards his lover and pressed again his hands against hers from the other side of the barrier. She looked at him and her eyes feel again on his blooded hole.

He opened his mouth and her attention immediately went to his lips. He murmured something.

"What?" she asked. "I didn't hear you dear, say it again." she requested of him.

He pressed his chest and using his other hand, he wrote something on the invisible barrier. Although nothing was heard or written on the barrier, she knew what he wanted to say. She had understood by his hand on his chest.

For Me.

That's what he said to her. To do it. To find Kakashi and try to save him for him. She stared at the man and after a moment nodded.

"For you." she said to the man. "For you."

He smiled at her and brought his forehead against the barrier again. She brought hers against his and she smiled bitterly. She raised her eyes to look once again at the man but she found none in front of her.

The vampire woman opened her eyes. This time in contrast with the previous two she didn't feel angry, desperate or sad. She felt empty, unable to fight what had happened, refuse to do what was asked of her.

Because Obito asked it. And she would always try to please him. This was the type of woman she was; always trying to fight for the man she loved, she followed.

First Kakashi and now Obito.

She didn't like that she was that way, that she could so easily go against what she wanted because someone she loved a lot asked her to. She always was like that, even as a little girl she always tried, always wanted to be the good girl and she never had the inner strength to say no to someone. She always wanted to please others, afraid of their reactions if she said no.

Things got a little better as she grew up but still... there were people who managed to take down immediately all her defenses.

Obito wanted her to do something for the man that he had chosen to save, the man that was the reason he was killed. For Kakashi.

She let some tears fall again and she slowly got up and went towards the window and looked at the outside street. It was dark and the street was empty at this time at night, the only passengers were either drunk men and women who returned late at their homes or drug addicts who tried to find something to eat at the trash. She pitied those young children so much... they were sick and they were the most common victims of vampires. They were the easiest victims.

She closed her eyes again and pressed her head against the window, like she had done in her dream against that invisible barrier that separated her and Obito, those that belonged to this world and the other. The living and the dead.


… tomorrow she would search for Kakashi. She would search to understand why she saw those dreams and what they meant.

What the two dead vampire asked her to do and what her old friend had done to make the dead so afraid of his safety.

She went to her bed and lay down tired and emotionally drained. She didn't sleep that night, just stared at the ceiling, trying to empty her mind from all the thoughts she didn't want to think, all the problems she'd had to face in the morning and the decision she'd have to take.

The orange-haired Akatsuki member stood outside of the door and looked around. The man had his hands in his cloak's pockets and was waiting silently for the masked vampire to come out of his chamber. He had to give his report about the silver-haired vampire that he really disliked — especially since he dared to look at his lover — and inform the real Leader of the organization that the vampire had accepted the quest.

The leader would be satisfied with how it went; the man accepted.

Not that he had a choice while he was in a room full of rogue vampires that would attack at him at the orange-haired commands. Since the man chose to come, then he would have to play in the game. What strategy he'd chosen to follow was another matter though.

Hatake was desperate for a solution, a way out of his solitude. That was why he came to the meeting, because he was so desperate that he would take any opportunity to make the insane dream of bringing his wife back, a possibility.

Although he pities the man, not being able to imagine how he'd feel if his mate died and he stayed alive, but at the mere thought he had looked at his Konan, he felt an insane amount of anger within him. He wasn't a passionate man by nature. He never really felt strong emotions about anything. After the pain he'd experienced in his life, both human and vampire, he was numb to most emotions.

Konan was the exception though. He was possessive of her, loved her more than he considered healthy for someone to love another being and was jealous of all males around her, afraid he'd lose her one day. He knew that she loved him too, that she would do anything for him; she had followed him to this place, risking her life along with his but the fear would never go away. She could always go away one day... and he would stay alone.

The door opened and the orange-haired man went inside the chamber. He found the masked man having his back turned at him. It was dark and he couldn't see well what the man was doing but as he marched closed towards the man, he saw the outline of a female body.

He was feeding... and it seemed the victim was not dead. The masked vampire preferred to eat his meals while there was still life within them, so he would feel more refreshed and alive after he was over.

"I have my report for the meeting." the orange-haired vampire stated, slightly uncomfortable. It was no secret that vampires while they fed were not able to fully control their hunger and greediness.

And he knew by experience that the man feeding in front of him was very greedy.

To the point of utter destruction.

The man raised slightly his head and turned it slightly. The younger vampire saw the blood drip down from the older, dangerous vampire's mouth.

Since the male in front of him said nothing, the younger one decided to continue his report and get out of the chamber as soon as possible, and let the man finish the woman while she was alive and warm. "He accepted to search. I told him to find the Rod of Seven Parts." the younger vampire in the room stayed silent, waiting for the older vampire to speak his opinion and give his orders.

There was an awkward silence for some painfully uncomfortable minutes, until the older male spoke. "Send Itachi after him, Pein. Tell him to spy on how the man works... even if he manages to complete the task, he may not pass the first test, if he didn't do it in a way that guarantees to us he is capable of collecting information and combining them, then he is not useful to us" the older vampire returned his attention to the unconscious woman and lowered his head and started sucking at her skin again.

The man didn't say anything and just nodded silently. He hesitated for a moment and then slowly, still looking at the man, he paced backwards and escaped from the open door, closing it as he went out.

Some hours late after the man had finished his meal, Zetsu appeared in the room, coming out of of the ground. "Master?" he questioned and the man looked at the newcomer.


"Yes, Master."

"How did Hatake receive the surprise we had prepared for him?" he asked the man.

"He was shocked and surprised at first." White Zetsu answered.

"But he didn't let it show." Black Zetsu finished for his alter-ego.

The man nodded and got up from his chair. "What did he do to make Pein dislike him so much? He gave him the only task that there are doubts he'd be able to complete it. If he was a century or so younger, he wouldn't even know the tale."

"The unforgivable for Pein." White Zetsu said and smirked.

Black Zetsy laughed slightly. "He looked at Konan."

This seemed to surprise the Master who turned to look at the man behind him curiously. "Isn't he here to bring his wife back to the living?"

"I don't think he looked at Konan that way." Black Zetsu replied to his master after a moment of thinking what to say.

"But Pein is paranoid when it comes to her." White Zetsu explained with a sarcastic tone in his voice.

For a moment none of the two men spoke. Then Zetsu marched closer to the elder vampire. "You decided to send Itachi after all."

The Master didn't answer and just moved towards his chair again and sat there looking at the ceiling. Zetsu followed him and stood in front of the seated man.

"Is that wise?"

I know it is a bit slow not but I promise you that the next chapter will be more exciting! XD Your opinon matters! And I want to hear it! XD

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