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So... I saw this table and found the idea of writing something like that so cute... so I'll try to do something. I claimed the Kakashi/Sakura couple and I have two months to finish it. I probably won't manage to finish it in time but anyway... I'll give it a try XD

30_hugs community of LJ

1.hazel eyes2.rainbows and butterflies3.snap snap!; photograph4.teddy bear5. collide
6.oxygen7.tangled up8.fairytales9. footprints10.just a memory
11.ice12. run away13. euthanasia14. somei yoshino (a type of Sakura)15.fait des beaux reves; sweet dreams
16.think of me and I'll be there
17. orange; color18. the wrong words19. aurora borealis: northern lights20. broken dreams
21. sois un ange; be an angel22. 一期一会; ichi-go ichi-e23.candlelight24.love and hate25. the curtain falls
26. "I never say the truth"27. splash28.dust29. silhouette30. hug!

I have signed up for  both platonic and romantic relationship within this couple and I already have some ideas so I hope I'll manage to write them. XD And that they won't end up being too long... I feel I am unable to write small stories... my mind always makes them longer.

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