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So I signed up for H/C bingo because the prompts were interesting, [personal profile] crunchysunrises  wrote for it amazing fics during the previous round and the card was pretty (I love plants and trees... so pretty!). I am pretty sure I'll fail but I hope that I'll at least manage to start and finish some of the ideas I have... hopefully....

first transformation accidental mating for life hunger / starvation undeserved reputation unexpected consequences of planned soulbonding
poltergeist sex pollen extortion body image issues falling
eating disorders death WILD CARD sexual extortion hospital stay
head trauma hallucinations difficult pregnancy explosion secret identity discovered
therapy whipping / flogging nervous breakdown sensory deprivation hypothermia


first transformation
Fandom: Naruto
Plot: A small village at Fire country asks for help from Konoha: wolf attacks. Constant Wolf attacks. After every attack a young girl from the village goes missing for a few days and when each girl returns, its personality is completely different, like what they lived during the days there were missing made them die and be born again as creatures of a differnt place.

undeserved reputation

Title: Of Blood and Honour
Fandom: Harry Potter
Plot: 6th year. What would a Mudblood know about family pride? Duty? Tradition? 

Title: Friends Charade
Fandom: Naruto
Plot: Ino is suspicious of Sakura. She thinks Sakura is secretly dating someone and she hasn't told her. Ino has to know if that's true and what that man is.

eating disorders
Title: ?
Fandom: Naruto
Plot: Ino always wanted to look better than she did, always thinner. Until she suddenly realized that she couldn’t eat. 

Title: ?
Fandom: Naruto
Plot: AUish They say that in the wood of small island close to the land of waves,  a powerful witch that has the power to even bring back the dead lives. Jiraya whenever he hears thse rumors doesn't know if he should laugh or cry. The witch's deepest wish is to bring back the dead and escape from her solitary life. Sakura when she learns of that witch decides to go meet her and convinve her to become her teacher so she will become strong and no one will ever dare to hurt her. Kakashi just watches over Sakura as she decides to find the witch.

Title: The Shadow
Fandom: Naruto
Plot: Itachi has a secret he has never told anyone, a secret he is terrified of. His shadow.... talks. However, he realizes by accident one day that the shadow is weaker when he is around a pink-haired girl.

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