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So... I love folklore tales, also known as Fairy tales but because most don't have fairies in them, I prefer to call them Folklore tales. And I kinda decided to do a challenge like things for myself by choosing a tale and then using its basic characteristics and/or some of its interpretations write a Naruto fanfiction story.  And for each one I will have a prompt from the 500themes LJ community.

Little Red Riding Hood:
A French Folklore Tale.
For this story I will try to combine the actual tale with the idea of sexual awakening that some believe this tale represents.
Title: ?
Prompt: 292. When Innocence meets its death.
Pairing: Sakura/Kakashi
Plot: A small village at Fire country asks for help from Konoha: wolf attacks. Constant Wolf attacks. After very attack a young girl from the village goes missing for a few days and when each girl returns, its personality is completely different, like what they lived during the days there were missing made them die and be born again as creatures of a different place. And they all have a strange infatuation with red caps...

The Shadow:
A tale by the Danish poet and author Hans Christian Andersen.
For this story I will use way more the original idea of a shadow talking and also try to play with the idea of right and wrong, reality and lies and the fine line between... and a tiny bit of madness perhaps.
Title: ?
410. Clinging to The Edge of Control
Pairing: Itachi/Sakura
Itachi has a secret he has never told anyone, a secret he is terrified of. His shadow.... talks. However, he realizes by accident one day that the shadow is weaker when he is around a pink-haired girl.

Hansel and Gretel
A German-originated folklore tale
This is the story I will change the most since the two people lurred into the witch's house won't be kids and siblings and the house won't be (probably) a house of sweets.
Title: ?
Prompt: 3. Flashes of Euphoria.
Pairing: Hinata/Naruto
Plot: AU story. One day Hinata and Naruto get separated from their team and somehow stumble upon the most peculiar house they have ever seen in their lives. A magical house they think they will never be able to leave behind... a house that messes with their mind and imagination and makes them doubt the true meaning of beauty and ugliness.

Baba Yaga
A  haggish or witchlike character in Slavic/Russian Folklore.
SO this is not a tale but a famous witch of Folklore... that is mostly a neutral character... can be good and evil... according to her mood. So... I think I'll make Tsunade take the place of a witch that is nicknamed Baba Yaga.

Title: ?
Prompt: 71. Chained to Mortality
Pairing: Tsunade/Jiraya and/or Sakura/Kakashi
Plot: AU. They that in the wood of small island close to the land of waves,  a powerful witch that has the power to even bring back the dead lives. Jiraya whenever he hears thse rumors doesn't know if he should laugh or cry. The witch's deepest wish is to bring back the dead and escape from her solitary life. Sakura when she learns of that witch decides to go meet her and convinve her to become her teacher soshe will become strong and no one will ever dare to hurt her. Kakashi just watches over Sakura as she decides to find the witch.

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