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 Dear Author, 

Hello! How are you? i hope well and full of energy to write... So... I am supposed to write a letter to you about things I like and dislike generally? So...  I kinda like everything but I am sure that doesn't really help. 

One thing that I can say for sure is that I love details. I love a story with a lot of inner thoughts and explanations about the characters. So... the more, the better for me. XD It helps me get into the story XD

I kinda hate fics that represent women as very weak and unable to survive and loving others so much that they can't survive on their own... except if they are used for a reason (like an example for another character or to show the antithesis between one character from another etc) I prefer not to see a woman like that in a story. I don't hate hate it but it's not the best for me.  Although I am sure that for you to be writing in a female centric fic exchange, you won't really like this type of female much as well.

I love AU stories so if you can make one, then that's great! Or if you want to blend things from the real story with something like AU... then that's great!

Although I do enjoy female slash and I don't mind reading stories or watching things with lesbians... I think for this exchange I prefer something that doesn't really have anything to do with that. Except if you need it for the whole plot... Again I enjoy it but I would prefer if it isn't the center of my fic. 

I really like crossovers but I think that's not something you can do here so... it doesn't really count.

Types of fics I like are.... romance, fantasy ones. Comedies ( I really like these...I am not good with it so I enjoy and admire people that are able to write it). I like Angst and Drama stories. Stories that have strong relationships other than the romantic ones so family and friends that are very close... I love it. 

I love stories with a lot of fantasy and I do enjoy crazy ideas! Like... the more crazy something is, the more excited I am. 

I love stories of the nonsense genre like Alice in Wonderland so .... again the more crazy the idea is, the more fantasy it is, the better!

Mmm I think that's it. If you are allowed... you can ask me more.

If I think of something more to add, then I'll do it XD

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